SQUADS 8201 to 8213

Roussillon Barracks.

Squad 8201.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Les Roper.
Dates of Course:From 01/1982 to 05/1982.
SI:Cpl.Les Roper.
Trainees:Russ Banks;Paul Ormerod;Graham Talbot;Rick Newman;

Squad 8202.
Squad Photo:No-see note below.Contributor:
Dates of Course:From 02/1982 topKerr.
Trainees:Dave Rutherford;Brian Madden;David Griffin;Chris Loughnane;Mark Hillman;

Squad 8203.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Les Roper.
Dates of Course:From 03/1982 to 07/1982.
SI:Sgt. Sean Davol;ASI:Cpl.LespJones;Ian Stewart;? Holman;Gill Edwards;Debbie Cope;
Lynn Shopland;Chris Farrell;Trish Quigley;Sarah Wilkinson;Ian Harrison;Wayne Kurz;? Payne;Scott Kilbride;

Squad 8204*.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 04/1982 to 08/1982.
SI:Sgt.Andy Black. ASI:Cpl.Helen Bentley.
Trainees:Helen Mackay;Ken McHugh;Pete Burns;

Squad 8205.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 05/1982 to 09/1982.

Squad 8206.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 06/1982 to 10/1982.

Squad 8207.
Squad Photo.No.
Dates of Course: From to


Squad 8208.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Spike Ray.
Dates of Course:From 07/1982 to 00/1982.
SI:Sgt.Joe Walker.
Trainees:Glen Roberts;Kevin Davies;Joe Peake;Mike Gaffney;Paul Gerrard;
Chris Richards;Paddy Harper;Steve Millward;Ian Chorlton;Christine ??;Spike Ray;Taff Partridge;Ian Swateridge(to 8210);

Squad 8209.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course:From 09/1982 to 03/1983.

Squad 8210.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 10/1982 to 04/1983.
Trainees:Ian Swateridge(from 8208);Nicola Dickinson nee Rouse;

Squad 8211.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Ross Carlin.
Dates of Course:From 11/1982 to 05/1983.
SI:Sgt. Les Roper.
Trainees:Brian Bleese;Ross Carlin;Mark Bishop;Kemp 8212.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Dawn Gamble nee Cousins.
Dates of Course:From 01/1983 to 06/1983.
Trainees:? Dowling;? Warrall;? Gilbert;? Parnell;? Forsyth;J.Hawkesworth;? Clayton;Dawn Cousins + other names difficult to read.

Squad 8213.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Paul Davies.
Dates of Course:From 01/1983 to 06/1983.
SI:Sgt.J.P.Walker. ASI:Cpl.M.Kennett.
Trainees:Paul Davies;H.G Pearson;G.Hastings;M.J.Emm;P.Dent;G.Hammond;P.R.Stephens;L.Allen;D.R.Stephenson;G.D.Pryme;S.Lewis;
M.C.Edge;R.P.Jones;A.J.Morrison;J.W.Johnston;M.B.McCallum;C.Rippingale;J.Nicholson;Jaqui Collins;K.Bethel;T.Bilson;Iab Swateridge.

(Additonal squad this year?)

Comment by John Noble:I am sorry to inform you that the pass out squad photo labelled 8202 is incorrect. I know for sure as I was in 8202. The PSI was Joe Walker and those who passed out included myself, Steve Marshall, Nick Sutton, Steve Clifton and several others I can name. 8202 should also have a contingent of WRAC Pro. Date of pass out was late July 82. I hope this information is useful. I know I was in 8202 as I got the gold whistle.Regards John Noble. Sgt. 17.07.2017. Ian's note:Does anyone recognise the photo in the album please?

* 8204 started with 12 all female. It remained all female until driver's training when those with licences were forward squadded to phase 4.