SQUADS 7901 to 7915

Roussillon Barracks.

Squad 7901.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Colin Hewitt.
Dates of Course:From 01/1979 to 05/1979.
SI:Cpl. Taff Burgess.
Trainees:Colin Hewitt;

Squad 7902.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 02/1979 to 06/1979.
Trainees:Dave Brown;

Squad 7903.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 03/1979 to 07/1979.

Squad 7904.
Squad Photo:Yes. Contributor:Chris Oldfield.
Dates of Course:From 04/1979 to 08/1979.
SI:Sgt. Tom Lamont.
Trainees:Carl Woodall;Tony Skelton;Andrew Dungey;Alan Pollock;Chris.Oldfield;
Colin Jessop;Mick Bates;Mick Irvine;Tim Honeywell;Steve Hamblett;Carl Davidson;
John Deighton;Chris Oakes;Don Watson;Sarah Knight;Pat Nixon;Bob Hedderman;
Keith Morris;Dougie Stirling;Ian Parker;Leslie Bland;Erika Ridley;Vicky Bailey;
Elaine Owens;Jill Small;Anitia Smith;Pam Clease;Maureen Hearty.

Squad 7905.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Sandra Crawford.
Dates of Course:From 05/1979 to 08/1979.
SI:SSgt.Jim Scott.
Trainees:Steve Coad;Rick Graham;Lyn Magsun (see Grundy);Anita Small;Dave Ross;Kevin Brooks;Leslie Nelson (nee Bland);Wendy Floyd (nee Morris);Cathy Morgan (nee Robinson);Sandra Crawford (nee Mathews);? Gallagher;David Heyes;Vicky Bailey.

Squad 7906.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 06/1979 to 10/1979.

Squad 7907.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 07/1979 to 11/1979.
SI:Sgt. Tom Lamont.
Trainees:N.Crawford;Dave Dowling;Craig Sarginson;Bruno Watson;? Dowdell;

Squad 7908.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 08/1979 to 12/1979.
Trainees:Gary Ross;

Squad 7909.
Squad Photo:Yes. Contributor:Owen Dobson.
Dates of Course:From 09/1979 to 01/1980.
SI:Sgt. Jim Scott.
Trainees:Owen Dobson;George Hewitt;? Anderson;? Watt;? Carter;Brian Woods;? Carmichael;? Finney;
Clive Hopkinson;

Squad 7910.
Squad Photo:Yes. Contributor:Steve McManus.
Dates of Course:From 10/1979 to 02/1980.
Trainees:Steve McManus(to 7911);Steve Julliffe;Steve Williams;Ken Semple;Mike Walsh;Martin Moore;
Martin Brookes;Paul Taylor;Phil Hagues.

Squad 7911.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Steve McManus.
Dates of Course:From 11/1979 to 03/1980.
Trainees:Nick Crawford;Keith Bates (to 7912);Steve McManus(from 7910);Steve Mudge;Ian Manley(to 7913);
Mark Anderson;Geordie Oliver;Ray Milverton;Steve Henshaw;Gary Harris;
Alex Goodman;

Squad 7912.
Squad Photo:Yes-unofficial.Contributor:Keith Bates.
Dates of Course:From 12/1979 to 04/1980.
Trainees:Keith Bates (from 7911);Jim Gamble;Mick Espley;Kev Postin;Barry Philbin;Colleen Gibbon-Sissons;

Squad 7913.
Squad Photo:Yes. No names. Contributor:
Dates of Course:From 12/1979 to 04/1980.
Trainees:Ian Manley(from 7911);

Squad 7914.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course:From 12/1979 to 04/1980.
SI:Sgt. Alan Murray.
Trainees:Peter Laing; Kevin May;John Lavin;

Squad 7915.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 12/1979 to 04/1980.
SI:Sgt.Bill Seppings. ASI:Cpl.Steve Lawson.
Trainees:Anthony Carroll;T.Olliffe;John Card;