SQUADS 7701 to 7715

Roussillon Barracks.

Squad 7701.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 01/1977 to 05/1977.

Squad 7702.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 02/1977 to 06/1977.
Trainees:Paul Kitchener;

Squad 7703.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 03/1977 to 07/1977.

Squad 7704.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course:From 04/1977 to 08/1977.
SI:Sgt. ? Wylie & Cpl. ? Logue.
Trainees:John Battersby;Kevin James;

Squad 7705.
Squad Photo:Yes:Contributor:Paul Hillman.
Dates of Course:From 05/1977 to 09/1977.
SI:Sgt.Alan Likeman. (later:SSgt.Smith).ASI:Cpl.Alan Long.
Trainees:Paul Hillman;George Ditchburn;John Porsch;Graham Litson;D.McCutchinson;Richard Bird;Charlie Jeffery-Hudson;Peter Cornell;David Broadhead;Marion ?;Sue Pearson;Harmony ?
NOTE:7705 started out with 21 recruits, 5 of which were WRAC. Only 9 finished the course, 3 of which were WRAC. There are 2 squad photos-and early one and a BW pass-out. If someone can name those on the BW photo it would be appreciated!

Squad 7706.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:George Ditchburn.
Dates of Course:From 06/1977 to 10/1977.
SI:Sgt.Tom Lamont. ASI:Cpl.Les Clive.
Trainees:George Ditchburn;Jimmy Gibson;Mick Sullivan;Howard Potter;Geoff.Lovelock;Bill Ingles;

Squad 7707.
Squad Photo:Yes but no names.Contributor:Dave Lowe.
Dates of Course:From 07/1977 to 11/1977.
SI:Sgt. Dave McDowell.
Trainees:Dave Lowe;

Squad 7708.
Squad Photo:Yes:Early only:Contributor:Dave Lowe.
Dates of Course:From 08/1977 to 12/1977.
SI:Sgt. ASI Cpl.
Trainees:Steve Wren;Dave Gadsby;Dave Lowe(from 7707);Taff Jenkins;Kay Hadden;Mick Lindsey;

Squad 7709.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 09/1977 to 01/1978.

Squad 7710.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Les Clive.
Dates of Course:From 10/1977 to 02/1978.
SI:Sgt.Bob Betty. ASI:Cpl.Les Clive.
Trainees:John Thomas;Lenny Wassell;Martin Boatman;
Charmaine Becker;Andy Stewart;Ian Stokes;Dave Clarke;
Dick Rowe;Martin Brundell;Cath Kelly;Ian Brawley;
Sheila Houghton-Dreager;Paul Carswell;Mel Walker;
Debbie Kemp;Charlie Hudson.

Squad 7711.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Mike Clark.
Dates of Course:From 11/1977 to 03/1978.
SI:Sgt.Tom Lamont . ASI:Cpl.Mike Clark.
Trainees:A.Saunders;K.Read;J.Davies;J.Morris;W.Foster;S.Graham;S.Payne;Teresa Bowers;

Squad 7712.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:from 01/1978 to 04/1978.

Squad 7713.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Debi Foynes (nee Anderson).
Dates of Course:From 01/1978 to 04/1978.
SI:Sgt.Norman Elley.ASI:Cpl.Allan Long.
Trainees:Linda Hart;Debi Anderson;Jane Kendall;Sue Flippance;Gill Kingdom;
Carol Grant;Julia Norris;Jayne Couzens;Jackie Trotter;Chris Lockeer;Tim Hewson;
Clive Bridgeman;Pete Boulton*;Russell Fisher;Alan Smallbone;Simon ?;Beryl Atkins;
Chris Porter;Roy Fowler*;Daryle Swainson;Victor Jumbo;Dave Walker;Mumbo Petros;
Steve Geraghty*;Gary Rawson.
* Did not pass out with 7713.

Squad 7714.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course:From 01/1977 to 04/1978.
Trainees:Keith Thomas;

Squad 7715.
Squad Photos:Yes(3).Contributor:Chris Corbett.
Dates of Course:From 23/10/1977 to 24/05/1978***.
SI:Sgt. Bob Betty.
Trainees:Clive Bridgeman;H.Elwood;Roger Coe;Dave Stinton;Chris Corbett;Ron Pugh;
Mick Kendall;Dave Spalding;Roy Morgan;Alan Crickmore;Eddie Shore;Steve Tyrell;
Graham Laws;Dave Gorton**;Norman Blight*;? Haldenby*;Shane Pearson*;
Graham Laws*;John Blacker*;Ian Rothwell.

NOTE:*In original squad;**Sick on day of pass-out;***From Squads held over because of fire-fighting strike and visit by HM Queen Elizabeth and includes ladies already passed out from 7713! NOTE:I have received three photos for this squad. Two dated March & May 1978 and one dated late April 1978.