SQUADS 7501 to 7515

Roussillon Barracks.

Squad 7501.
Squad Photo:No squad photo taken as squad members sent to 7202/3.
Dates of Course:From 01/1975 to 05/1975.
SI:Cpl. ?

Squad 7502.
Squad Photo:Yes-early. Contributor:Paul Addy.
Dates of Course:From 01/1975 to 05/1975.
SI:SSgt.Mick Burgher.ASI:Bert Johnson.
Trainees:Peter Crowther;Sammy Nunns;B.Whitmore;Ian Lewis;
Steve Hack;Nick Carter;Paul Addy;Paul Wilkinson-Downes (to 7503);
Angie Haggerston (to 7503);Toni Prattlett;Sue Mitchell;'Jock' Burroughs;? Ellman;? Marshall;

Squad 7503.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:?
Dates of Course:From 01/1975 to 05/1975.
Trainees:B.T.Whitemore;K.D.Mantle;Robert Ambrose;Paul Wilkinson-Downes;Angie Haggerston;

Squad 7504.
Squad Photo:Yes.WRAC Prov.identified by Angie Haggerston.
Dates of Course:From 01/1975 to 05/1975.
Trainees:Angella Haggerston;Jane Gibbs;Sue Mitchell;Toni Pratlett;

Squad 7505.
Squad Photo:Yes-Early only-no names.
Dates of Course:From 00/1975 to 00/1975.
Trainees:Wilkinson-Brown (from 75O1);Paul Christien;

Squad 7506.
Squad Photo:Yes-Early. Contributor:Gordon Brooks.
Dates of Course:From 06/1975 to 11/1975.
SI:Sgt.Bert Johnson.
Trainees:Kim Claxton;? Shakespeare;? Powels;? Millar;? Powell; Linda Pope;
? Robertson;? Cumstan;? Addison;Peter Locke;John Bachelor;? Parkin;? Spiers;John Maguire;
? Tabanelli;Philip Broad;? Maddison;Tim Beer;David Smith;? Hare;Gordon Brooks;Stuart Hutchinson;
? Murphy;Vic Thorn;Andy Seldon;

Squad 7507.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:George Gilroy.
Dates of Course:From 02/1975 to 06/1975.
SI:Sgt. P.A.Rayner.
Trainees:P.A.Bowater;D.M.Addison;P.Hare;W.A. Ponder;D.R. Woodjetts;
J.Woodridge;R.S.Greenwood;P.J.Maither;C.C.Brandon;K.F.Hall;P. Stevenson.

Squad 7508.
Squad Photo:Yes-Early(No names).Contributor:Bob Lee.
Dates of Course:From 08/1975 to 01/1976.
Trainees:R.Lee;Alan Watkins;

Squad 7509*.
Squad Photo:YesContributor:Mick Bizeray.
Dates of Course:From 09/1975 to 02/1976.
SI:Cpl.Mike Hunter.
Trainees:? Robinson;? Graham;? Summerfield;? Bullock;Dick Hollies;Nick Abell;? Thompson;? Kirk;? Otway;? Gooseman;Mick Bizeray;Tony Death;? Rhode;? Morris;? Frazer;Kev Batten;Bob Duff;Mick Greenhalgh;? Rose;? Blake;? West;? Gunning;? Gaffney;? Osborne;? Oysten;? Dawson;? Ford;? Friend.

Squad 7510.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 10/1975 to 02/1976.

Squad 7511.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 10/1975 to 02/1976.

Squad 7512.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 10/1975 to 02/1976.
Trainees:Gary Ellwood;Glen Wright;

Squad 7513.
Squad Photo:No passing out photo taken.
Dates of Course:From 09.10.1975 to 02/1976.
Trainees:Tony Turner;William Jones;Eleanor Bytner;Cecilia Beirne;

Squad 7514.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course:From 11/1975 to 03/1976.
SI:Cpl. Jeff Allen.
Trainees:Alistair Ross;Dave Greening;John Trevarten;Steve Dowas;Graham Appleby;Roy Pickard;? Blinkhorn;

Squad 7515.
Squad Photo:Yes.(No names).Contributor:Rick Parr.
Dates of Course:From to 12/1975 to 04/1976.
SI:Sgt.? ASI:Cpl.John Owen.
Trainees:Rick Parr;Paul Bishop;Mark Gaskin**;

*Note:7509 was the first squad where all males were VT's and JL's, and the females DE's.** Did not complete course.