SQUADS 7401 to 7417

Roussillon Barracks.

Squad 7401.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:David Anderson.
Dates of Course:From 01/1974 to 05/1974.
SI:SSgt.Ted Joseph. SI:Cpl.Ron Campbell-Smith.
Trainees:David Anderson;Derrick Slingsby;
Gerry ?;Dave Wells;? Yeung;Dave Adby;Tom Wilson;
? Fletcher;Angela Vickers;Kim Hyde;Mary O'Connor;
Valerie Wolfe;Linda Keane;Pauline Harding;

Squad 7402.
Squad Photo:No-doubtful if one was taken!
Dates of Course:From 02/1974 to 06/1974.
SI:Sgt.Ian Storey.ASI:Cpl.Harry Wragg.
Trainees:Roger Baxter;Paul Aveyard;Keith Convery;
Paul Graham;Harry Roberts;Sam Faithful;Kerry Gale;
Jane Sowden;Jim O'Leary;John Cameron-Webb;'Yogi' Hoyle;

Squad 7403.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 03/1974 to 08/1974.
Trainees:Brian Buncombe;

Squad 7404.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 04/1974 to 08/1974.
SI:Sgt. Mick Connaboy & Cpl. Mike Newell.
Trainees:Paul Waddilove;Lee Teare;Gerry Russell;Gus Godley;Bill Lomas;

Squad 7405.
Squad Photo:Yes. Contributor:Paul Waddilove.
Dates of Course:From 05/1974 to 09/1974.
SI:SSgt.C.J.Foster.ASI:Tony Davis.
Trainees:Andy Alcock;Mike Finlay;Brian Harding;Paul Waddilove (from 7404);
Bob Williams;Dave McKeown(McEwan);Tom Herrington;Rick Lavery(Lavisi);? Salmon;? Booth;
Lynda Birkby;Rachael Griffiths;Chris Michka;Maureen Inch;
Note:There appears to be some confusion with this squad!

Squad 7406.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course:From 06/1974 to 10/1974.
SI:Cpl.A.Johnston & Cpl.Ian Burns.
Trainees:John Twells;Roly Beard;Tam Lynn;

Squad 7407.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course:From 07/1974 to 11/1974.

Squad 7408.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course:From 08/1974 to 12/1974.
Trainees:Tony Pearson;Bob Stallwood;Taff Jones;Wiffer Webb;

Squad 7409.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:Ian Lockwood.
Dates of Course:From 09/1974 to 01/1975.
SI:Cpl.Ian Burns.Squad CSM.Bob Hannah.
Trainees:Denis Butler;Rodger Shaw;Ken Stephenson;Geoff.Fox;Mark Brown;Chris.Taylor;
Les Roper;Hona Jaeger;Maggie Levitt;Caroline Comley;John Hackford;Ian Lockwood;
Tom Palmer;Ian Addison;Alan Lawrence;? Fox.

Squad 7410.
Squad Photo:Yes(Early).Contributor:?
Dates of Course:From 10/1974 to 02/1975.
Trainees:Pete Stapleton;Stephen Gemmell;

Squad 7411.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:?
Dates of Course:From 11/1974 to 03/1975.
Trainees:Kenny Roger;Jim Ennes;Jim Watret;Stuart Craigie;

Squad 7412.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course:From 12/1974 to 04/1975.
SI:Cpl. Michael Newell.
Trainees:Dave Paynter;Les Barrett (to 7213);? Hards;? Miller;? Murdoch; ? Griffin;Julia Fountain;

Squad 7413.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 12/1974 to 04/1975.
Trainees:Les Barrett (from 7212);Barry Timms;Gordon Cameron;Joe Maliska;Martin Clements;

Squad 7414.
Squad Photo:Yes.Contributor:?
Dates of Course: From 12/1974 to 04/1975.
SI:Cpl:Ian Spilstead?
Trainees:Andy Mudd;Steve Andrews;John Watson;Dave Thirlaway;

Squad 7415.
Squad Photo:No
Dates of Course:From 12/1974 to 04/1975.
Trainees:Barry Downer;

Squad 7416.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course from 00/1974 to 00/1975.

Squad 7417.
Squad Photo:No.
Dates of Course: From 00/1974 to 00/1975.
Trainees:Paul Cantrell;