RMPA Western Australia Branch is the only branch established in Australia and New Zealand and has been operating as an active and vibrant branch since 2006. As well as fully participating in the annual ANZAC Day parades in Perth, our branch is proud to be prominent in the local ex-service community. We also support the UK ‘Help for Heroes’ cause and the local ‘PMH Foundation’ – benefiting the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and this is done through holding family day fundraisers, including the annual International Redcaps Cricket Challenge (RMPA v MPAA) and in holding raffles during our regular lunchtime meetings.

We welcome RMP/RMPA visitors to Perth and to our regular meetings of our branch. Our meetings are held over lunch in a social and informal atmosphere usually at the splendid RAAFA Club, Bullcreek with wives or partners fully participating.

Whilst membership of RMPA Western Australia Branch is predominantly drawn from the Perth metropolitan area, there are a number of members living in other areas of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom who either visit Perth, or otherwise have an affinity with our branch and benefit from a conduit of RMPA information in the Australasian region.

For further information on RMPA Western Australia Branch, please contact , Branch Secretary, Eric Heath on 08 9291 8962.


The 2017 Anzac Day televised parade in Perth will take place on Tuesday 25 April 2017. The Australian Defence Force will step off from the corner of Barrack Street and St Georges Terrace at 9.00am, followed by veteran-carrying vehicles and military jeeps, then the Ex-Service Units, Corps and Regimental Associations. The parade will march east along St Georges Terrace, turn right onto Victoria Avenue and into Langley Park.

The British Ex-Service’s Association Inc. (BESA) will form up on St Georges Terrace, Perth at 9.00 am. Please note that whilst in previous years it has been customary for RMPA members to routinely march within the BESA group, from this year onwards it will be necessary to amend this arrangement. Therefore all RMPA members wishing to continue parading within the BESA group will now be required to also hold BESA membership or have made prior alternative arrangements for their own public liability insurance cover. Please note that as RMPA is an unincorporated group, we do not have any public liability insurance cover and as a consequence, RMPA Western Australia Branch will no longer parade as an entity.

The following new arrangements arising from a recent review of public liability insurance cover will be made for the participation of RMPA members in the BESA group in the annual Anzac Day parades and effective from the 2017 parade:

RMPA members holding BESA membership are to parade in the capacity as BESA members, thereby having inclusion under the BESA public liability insurance cover.

RMPA members not holding BESA membership, but hold membership of another ex-service group, are to confirm with that group they have the appropriate public liability insurance cover, prior to marching with the BESA group.

Any RMPA member not holding membership of BESA or of any other ex-service group having the proper public liability insurance cover, and requests to parade with BESA outside of the above arrangements; will be required to obtain prior permission from the BESA Senior Vice President, Peter Lincoln MBE. The final decision will be that of BESA alone.

As with previous years, the RMPA members of BESA will lead the overall BESA group in the parade. The ‘Redcaps’ have a high profile in the parade and often attract favorable comment on the high standard of turnout.

The form up position is the same as last year (Section L) marching directly behind the Ex-Royal New Zealand Navy (to be confirmed). Dress for the parade is either suits or to at least the accepted jacket & tie standard with red berets and official medals only to be worn. If any member is unable to join the marching section of the parade and wishes to participate in the motorcade section with BESA members, please check transport availability with Ann Page on (08) 9291 6670 or at ann.page@bigpond.com.au

The customary RMPA Anzac Day lunch for members, together with wives or partners, will commence at 1.00pm after the conclusion of the parade. Please note the new venue, Criterion Hotel Cafe, 560 Hay St, Perth. Menu is off the blackboard and you will need to pay on the day. We will again welcome our BESA friends to join us for lunch. Please now confirm your lunch attendance direct with Eric Heath on (08) 9291 8962 or at eric.heath@bigpond.com

Please note that arrangements for our regular RMPA lunchtime meetings at the RAAFA Club Bullcreek will remain unchanged. Anyone requiring further clarification of the amended Anzac Day parade arrangements arising from the recent review of public liability insurance cover, please contact myself direct.

Thank you and kind regards. Brian Griffiths, Branch Chairman, RMPA Western Australia Branch.