I have endeavoured, over a long period of time, to collect the names of as many former and serving members of the Royal Military Police as possible. Perhaps we should call this a "RMP ROLL OF HONOUR" for services rendered to Great Britain! Members whose names appear on this "Roll" whether National Service or Regular, are known, like myself, to have been extremely proud to have served in the RMP!

I estimate that over 25,000, (yes-twenty-five thousand!) CMP/RMP personnel have been trained at the various Frogmore Hall, Burniston, Gatton Park, Mychett, Aycliffe, Woking & Chichester Training Centres and Depots in the period from the end of WW2 until now!

In many cases it has meant me contacting individuals direct by e-mail or snail mail to verify their squad number!

No details of service are included in these listings, although I do have a limited data base of contacts who would like to be put in touch with former colleagues. There is already a wealth of information in this regard which is readily available on the www. Refer to the 'LOTS OF LINKS' on my Home Page.

KNOWN last ranks above Lance-Corporal are included, but they are not necessarily those held now nor at at discharge.

Squad, Service and Intake numbers are included where known. If your squad number is listed as '0000' and you can remember what it was, please e-mail me.

If first names are unknown a '?' appears against the surname. Squad numbers are placed before surnames by four digits e.g., 316 is 0316 and R10a is shown as R10a etc., '0000' indicates that I do not know the squad number at this stage. 'XXXX' indicates RMP(TA);MT=Mounted Troop."PM"=Provost Marshal."S" in front of numbers='SIB Course Number' for those who never trained at Depot.00DT=NCO's directly transferred from another Regiment to RMP without training at a RMP depot.

This is by no means a complete list of RMP personnel. Some of those listed may well have been RTU during their service!

Officers seconded to RMP from other Regiments are included where known. Note:Seconded officers were allowed to transfer across to RMP in late 1952 where they undertook a police training course. Direct RMP commissioning was also allowed at the same time.

First names that are often missed on actual squad photos can sometimes be found in the squad listing.

If anyone wishes a name to be added, or, if it is mis-spelled (which was often the case on pass-out photos and substantive rank listings), and would like it changed, please e-mail me and this list will be amended ASAP.

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Thank You.

Ian Dixon.

Last Update:25th September 2014.