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Sometimes files get corrupted for various reasons and don't appear as intended. If you notice something which appears wrong, kindly inform me. I welcome criticism as it is a way of correcting matters! Originally, when I first set up this site in September 2001, its purpose was simply to tell of my experiences as a conscripted National Serviceman sent for training at Inkerman Barracks, Woking, Surrey, and after passing-out there as a proud 'Red Cap' in April 1953! But, as a direct result of many ex RMP contacting me with their experiences and information, it gradually developed into an archive where former Red Caps can peruse their training squads and trace the names of those colleagues who served with them during their training and service. I am well into the process of compiling a list of both former and serving RMP together with a list of RMP Training Squads and known SI's and squad members from 1947 to 2007. My story now appears as one of the many highlighted items on these pages. Simply click on the highlighted item you wish to view.

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