Name: UEBELHOER, Friedrich.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:Rothenburg/Tauber
SS No: 209059.
NSDAP No: 11707.
SS Rank: Brigadefüher.
Division/Branch/Arm of SS Org:


Friedrich was born in the medieval town of Rothenburb/Tauber and went to school there. He went to high school in nearby Würzburg. After gaining his leaving certificate he got a job as a clerk.

When WW1 broke out in August 1914, he was called up for military service with an artillery regiment serving on the Western Front.

After the war he joined the Freikorps in Lettow-Vorbeck.

He then attendended university in both Freiburg and Würzburg, where he studied law and political science.

He joined the NSDAP in 1922 eventually becoming a party district leader in Naumberg.

He joined the SS in 1933.

In 1933 he stood as a party candidate for Naumberg and was elected to the Reichstag. He remained a member until the end of WW2. He was also the Gauleiter of Halle-Merseburg.

When Poland was invaded in September 1939, he was appointed as "District Inspector" for the Gau Wartheland. He was also appointed as "President of Lodz". There he worked closely with Artur Greiser.

In December 1939 he created the first Jewish Ghetto, with the intended plan of mass deportation to the death camps. He is reported to have used the phrase, "The creation of the ghetto is obviously only an interim measure...the ultimate goal must be at least that we burn out this plague spot".

He disappeared at the end of the war.

He was legally reported to have died 31.12.1950.

No further details.

Research:Ian Dixon.
June 1990.