Name: STREIBEL, Karl.
Date of Birth: 11.10.1903.
Place: Beim (Chiemgau) Oberbayern.
SS No: 60152.
NSDAP No: 554023.
SS Rank: Hauptsturmführer.
Division/Branch/Arm of SS Org: SIPO/SD.(HSSPF-Lublin-Globocnik & Krüger).


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Streibel joined the NSDAP and the SS in November 1932. He was commissioned Untersturmführer in November 1936 and Obersturmführer in November 1937. It is not known the date of his promotion to Hauptsturmführer, most probably sometime in 1941 prior to his appointment as the second commander of the Lublin sub camp at Trawniki* on 27th October 1941 after taking over from Theodor von Eupen..

* The Trawniki labour camp was established first in July 1941 as a holding pen for Russian POW's and Red Army political officers captured in battle.After three months it's function changed to recruit those POW's who were anti-Communist and included Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanean and Ukranians who were willing to be trained to assist the Germans in their quest to rid capture eastern territory of opposition. These recruits were known as "HIWIS", and were mainly used as guards for installations, supply depots, KZ and death camps likeSobibor, Belzec etc., They were also used as auxilliarys to SS and Wehrmacht activities like putting down the Warsaw uprisings.

The labour function used in the camp was taken over by the WVHA in September 1943 and transferred to Majdanek (Lublin some 40 Kms away), but the HIWI training function continued until July 1944, when Russian advances caused the SS to evacuate the camp.

It is not known what duties Streibel was assigned to for the remainder of WW2.

He survived the war and disappeared until he was arrested in 1970 and a trial into his wartime activities was arranged in Hamburg. In 1976 he was acquitted of any war crimes.

Streibel's signature on Ivan Demjanuk's ID Card-Card dated 2nd February 1942,is considered to be a KGB forgery. Blue capped KGB officers had captured all SS documents not destroyed when the SS vacated the Trawniki sub-camp in July 1944, and were well known to have changed photographs and other documents to present false information.

Research:Ian Dixon.
June 1990.