Name: MACHER, Karl-Heinz.
Date of Birth: 31.12.1919.
Place of Birth: Chemnitz.
NSDAP No: No record
SS No: No record.
SS Rank: Sturmbannführer.
Division/Branch/Arm of SS Organisation: W-SS. Pz.Gren."Deutschland" 3rd Regiment.

Not much is known about Macher's early life. It is known that he studied engineering. He was believed to have transferred as a Hauptmann from the Wehrmacht to the SS early in 1940.

He joined the NSDAP in 1940 and the SS in 1940?.

He fought in Russia in 1943 and was wounded in action.

He also fought in France in the summer of 1944.

He was an explosives expert and ordered by Himmler to blow up the SS Shrine at the "Castle Wewelsburg" at the end of March 1945 to prevent material from falling into Allied hands. His team was short on explosives and so his task was limited. The castle was set on fire which did most of the damage. The next day US forces captured the burnt out shell.

For his effort, Macher was promoted to Sturmbannführer!

Macher was said to have buried the castle's SS treasure, but this was never found.

In the final weeks of WW2, Macher was one of Himmler's adjutant bodyguards. Himmler fled to Lübeck and then to Flensburg with his party. All decided to obtain false ID. Dressed as NCO's of the Feld Polizei, they were captured by the British Military Police on 21st May 1945 at a checkpoint set up at a bridge near Bremervorde.

He was placed in a POW camp in Lüneburg to await interrogation.

It is not known when he was released from captivity but no charges were laid against him.

Research:Ian Dixon.
June 1990.

Updated March 2002-Death reported as 2.12.2001 in Pinnenberg.