NAME: HARSTER, Dr.Wilhelm.
Date of Birth: 21.07.1904.
Place of Birth: München.
NSDAP No: 3226594.
SS No: 225932.
SS Rank: Gruppenführer.
Division/Branch/Arm of SS Organisation: ORPO/SD/SiPo/Gestapo.BdS den Haag & Rome.

Circa early 1944.


Harster finished high school studies in Munich in 1922 and spent the next five years studying law and in 1927 gained his doctorate degree in Criminal Law. He then joined the Munich police force and in 1929 he transferred to KRIPO.

He joined the SS on 09.11.1933 as an SS-Mann. He was transferred to SD in 1935. Rapid promotion saw him an Obersturmbannführer by 01.08.1938, and two years later a Standartenführer.

From 1938 to 1939 he was Chief of Gestapo in Innsbrück, Austria.

On 19.07.1940, as a Standartenführer, he was sent to Holland as the senior SD commander (BdS) based in The Hague. He remained there until 20.08.1943 when he was transferred in the same role to Italy, responsible to Karl Woolfe.

He was promoted to Brigadeführer in early 1944 and Gruppenführer early 1945.

He was captured in Belzano, Italy on 10.05.1945. He was transferred to London for interrogation in 1946. He was the handed over to the Dutch authorities in 1949. They tried him for war crimes and sentenced him to twelve years in prison for his part in deporting Dutch Jews.

He was released in 1953 and returned to Munich to work until he was re-arrested by German Police in Munich for the deortation of Dutch Jews from Holland. He was sentenced to 15 years with time off for that already served. He was pardoned in 1969 for the remorse he had shown during his trial.

Research:Ian Dixon.

June 1990.