Name: GROTHMANN, Werner.
Date of Birth: 00.00.1915.
Place of Birth: Frankfurt/Main.
SS No:
SS Rank: Obersturmbannführer.
Division/Branch/Arm of SS Org:Himmler's Chief Adjutant.


Werner was an accountant with a bank before joining the SS-VT Liebstandarte in 1933. From 1933 until 1935 he attended the SS school in Braunschweig passing out as an Untersturmfuhrer. In September 1938 he was promoted to Obersturmführer. He then fought in France and was wounded in May 1940, after which he was promoted to To Hauptsturmführer in November 1940.

H was promoted to Sturmbannführer in June1943 and to Obersturmbannführer in 1944.

He was arrested in Lubeck in May 1945 and tried by a british Military Tribunal in Hamburg and sentenced to 16 years imprisonment, but pardoned and released alsmost immediately through wrong evidence being presented.

He became a busninessman.

Research:Ian Dixon.
June 1990.

Updated 2002. Death added.